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About the Laboratory

This is a virtual laboratory and website established on the agreement of Prof. Simon E. Shnoll, in order to help safeguard and develop the primary research results in biophysics obtained by him commencing in 1954. All research results, experimental data, and software of the Shnoll Lab presented herein are distributed according to the Budapest Open Initiative. This means, in particular, that distribution of the data for non-commercial, academic or individual use can be made by any user without permission or charge.

Simon El'evich Shnoll (b. March 21, 1930, in Moscow, Russia) is a prominent biophysicist who discovered, in 1954, the fundamental oscillatory modes in biochemical reactions. He also conducted research studies of the chemical oscillating reactions, which then gained a prominence to his students Belousov and Zhabotinsky. Commencing in 1963, Simon Shnoll heads the Laboratory of Physical Biochemistry at the Institute of Biophysics in Puschino, the small "academic" town located in 96 km to South of Moscow. He is Full Professor at the Department of Physics, Moscow State University. He authored over 200 scientific papers, and three books: Physico-Chemical Factors of the Biological Evolution (1979), Heroes, Villains, and Conformists of the Soviet Science (2001), and Cosmophysical Factors in Stochastic Processes (2009). The asteriod Shnollia was named after him.

After decades of his experimental research studies, Prof. Shnoll found that the fundamental oscillatory modes, first registered by him in biochemical reactions, are as well presented in any sort of processes: from biology to the nuclear decay and the generators of random numbers (other researchers call also on the manifestation of the discovered oscillation modes in the social phenomena such as the business markets). He also found that the discovered oscillatory modes depend in the cycles according to the motion of the Earth, in common with the observer and his laboratory, in the cosmos. So the oscillatory modes may be caused by the cosmic physical factors depending on the fundamental structure of the space and time.

The research results were presented, in 2009, in his monograph Cosmophysical Factors in Stochastic Processes, written on the basis of over 100 journal publications (see the bibliography list of the book, for detail).

Shnoll Lab now joins a number of researchers who, being employed at different authorities, have not formal obligations to each other meanwhile continuing research activity in this common direction. Prof. Shnoll calls for the enthusiasts who would like to continue the research studies on volunteer basis. This activity may participate in new experiments, the creation of graphs on the basis of the old experimental data (which are many, collected over decades), or software development. Concerning the creation of graphs, which manifest the similarity of histogram shapes according to the cosmic cycles, a software application is suggested to be downloaded herefrom. This is Histogram Manager 2.0a (updated, 02-July-2012), the freeware self-executable working along with any version of MS Windows (from Windows 3.1 to the 64-bit Windows 7 included), which goes in complete with a 18-page long manual and a sample data file.

The files containing other experimental data, can be obtained on request for further development with the use of Histogram Manager. Call indirect to Prof. Shnoll, please. All other information about this project, and requests can also be addresses to the other members of the Advisory Board of Shnoll Lab (see the respective e-mail links at right).

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